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Affordable housing, Dorchester, MA

Residents and community groups in underserved places know best what will make their neighborhoods thrive. More affordable housing, better schools, lively shops and businesses, greener parks and safer streets—these are things all residents want. The ideas and vision are there, but too often, what's missing is the capital to get these projects realized. That’s where LISC lending comes in.
Lending is an essential instrument in LISC’s community development toolkit. As one of the largest community development financial institutions (CDFI) in the nation, we work in partnership with local grassroots groups, for-profit developers and government agencies to finance programs and projects that will have a p
ositive, long-term impact.
Why borrow from LISC?
  • We bring national and local investment resources to our network of offices whose staff know their communities well.
  • We are able to provide flexible loan capital in underserved places. 
  • We invest early.
  • We have the expertise in specialized underwriting for such complex projects as schools, health care centers and affordable housing.
  • And we are willing to go to historically risky markets where more traditional lenders may not venture.
What we offer
We want your projects to work. LISC offers a wide range of loans, from pre-development to permanent financing, and we finance a wide variety of projects, from large affordable housing to small business loans. Learn more about our loan products, including the Vacant Site Acquisition Fund and the Equitable Transit-Oriented Development Accelerator Fund.
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